Silencio is a high-end Laptop with improved heat management and very low noise emission (sound power level below 10db, for comparison: MacBook Pro Core i7 2,2 GHz 2011 at 50 % load: Noise level at 50 cm: 41,7~41,9 dB(A)). To achieve this, the chassis itself is used as a passive (fanless) heatsink.

The lid offers, due to its size and position, as a heat sink an ideal airflow and a surface big enough to cool even powerful Processors, e.g. passive cooling for intel i7 Nofan CR-95C Copper IcePipe 95W Fanless CPU Cooler. It is made of an anodized aluminum honeycomb structure. Copper heatpipes transfer waste heat into the thin honeycombs.

A long life battery in the bottom part allows high performance and high autonomy and balances the slightly increased weight of the Lid. Compared to Unibody Laptop and Tablet Systems and the Heat Management problems in particular on GPUs, the entirely fanless Heatsink System improves Processor Life cycles. The accessible Heat Sink can be cleaned without intervention on the enclosed components itself.